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Azur et Asmar

Azur et Asmar was an animated movie I watched a lot of times during my childhood.I came across it recently and wanted to talk about it.

Azur and Asmar, two children raised on the same legends, are like brothers to one other. Jenane, their nanny, educates both her son Asmar, who is dark-haired and has black eyes, and his master, Azur, who is blond and has blue eyes. The boys are violently separated at the age of reason. Azur’s father sends his son to town to study, and the nanny and Asmar are ejected.Azure is growing. He fantasizes about rescuing the jinn fairy, the heroine of a story Jenane . He discovers Jenane, who has become the widow of a wealthy merchant, after crossing the sea. Asmar has matured, he too want to marry the jinn fairy. The two young men decide to travel together before going their separate ways to try their luck. Obstacles will be put across their route. They will be pursued by thieves and will have to avoid a band of slave dealers’ traps before facing a series of obstacles requiring the use of magic keys.

Throughout the whole movie we are amazed by the colors used and architecture of this movie.

All of that architecture reminded me of the islamic period we studied in class.By doing some research it was in fact what inspired the author.He used Andalusia’s mosques.The author also traveled to the Maghreb countries for thorough documentation. He was influenced by the mosques of Istanbul and the monuments of Andalusia in terms of architecture. The clothes were based on examples from the 16th century Persian civilisation. He also drew inspiration from European paintings from the 15th century, such as Flemish and French miniaturists.