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El carmen

I really like going to the carmen because I love how I takes me to another place.The conservation of the old city is its charm.And it’s probably why it’s one of valencia’s most touristic place.

I really liked going to the “Centro del carmen de cultura contemporánea” . The building, made up of several parts, perfectly reflects many of the most important stages of Valencian architecture.This museum stands out not only for its wealth of artistic works, but also for its monumental structure.
The medieval chapel, the restored Valencian Gothic cloister, the Renaissance cloister, and the rebuilt church make up the monument.Although these constructions have been carried out centuries ago, it is interesting to see brushstrokes of modern and contemporary art, this produces a beautiful contrast.

One of the best things about this place is that they constantly bring new things, so you can go a lot of time without seeing the same thing again and again.The Carme Center is a large cultural resource devoted to people. A live location where you may see all kind of exhibitions. Everything is contained in it , from urban art to an opera recital.

I definitely plan on going soon , because haven’t in a long time.And I advise you to do the same.