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Golden Ratio

My last year in high school I remember my teacher mentioning the golden ratio.I though about it recently and I wanted to dig a little deeper and learn more about it.

So, What’s the golden ratio?

The golden ratio (or golden section, golden proportion, or even divine proportion) is a proportion, initially defined in geometry as the unique ratio a/b between two lengths a and b such that the ratio of the sum a + b of the two lengths on the larger (a) is equal to that of the larger (a) on the smaller (b).

Why does it interest us as architects?

We find the golden ratio way more that we think we do.We find it in some paintings , like the “Joconde”, buildings and even in our body.And a loin nature.

Ancient Greek architecture used the golden ratio to determine pleasant dimensional relationships between the width and height of a building, the size of the eaves, and even the position of the support columns. structure. The end result is a building that looks quite proportionate.

In this temple we can see the same pattern than in the spiral.