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About me

Hello!! This is probably the first time you came to my blog.As you probably already discovered, my name is Lina.I’m in my first year of studying architecture.I’ve always wanted to become an architect and seeing that I’m studying to become one makes me really excited.It was always my first choice.And every time I saw a character in a show or movie that was an architect I felt identified.I’ve lived in valencia since September 2013 , so a little over 8 years now.I’m originally from Algiers , in Algeria. So I grew up in both places.

Now that you know a little bit more about me.I want to explain what there is in my blog.You’ll find under the part “Units” the difference units viewed during this course.Under “Tasks “, you’ll find activities we had to do completing what we were seeing in class.And under reflections , like the name , there are reflections and thoughts I had that reminded me of architecture.