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PA1-MY ENVIRONMENT_Things around me

I chose this place because it’s where I spend most of my time. It’s my bedroom. It’s where I feel the most comfortable.

Painting entitled zen alone

I can do anything in there without being interrupted . I made it to be to most comfortable possible according to my needs and preferences. Wether it’s the decoration, the lights or the details
There are always disruptive elements. When you don’t want to do something or you’re not focused enough you’ll always find a way to get distracted. Of course, because it’s my room, I have everything that I could possibly need. Some pending project that’s in a corner of the room, a half read book, not finished drawing, the beginning of something that I’ll probably forget. But most of the time it’s where I’ll feel the most comfortable being focused.
If I was in another place I’ll probably not be able to feel as I do when I’m in my room. It’s my space. I may not be able to think the same way, to be as productive and mostly comfortable. So I think being in there definetly plays an big part in how I feel, hence how productive I am
I think it depends on the person being in it. It won’t feel the same as me, of course. But my goal was to feel comfortable in it. So I think it can do that to everybody at a certain level.