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PA2.OPINIONS _ The architecture from its actors

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Wisconsin in 1869 , He grew up in a form which would later on influence his architectural style. After studying two years of engineering at the University of Wisconsin, he moved to Ll. Silsbee’s studio in Chicago. He later left the studio because he did not feel comfortable and worked with Louis Sullivan for six years.

His first projects were just individual houses known for their simplicity.Most of his work at the time consisted of the same thing : predominantly horizontal conception, the interior space organized on the basis of two axes that cross each other and the extension of the roof in wings that form porches.They were named prairie houses. His first work was the «Charnley House» in Chicago (1892) with Louis Sullivan.

Charnley house

His first famous project was Larkin Company Administration Building in 1904.It was innovative because he left the central space empty from the first floor to the roof, which allowed all floors to be opened by balconies to this space.

After building his family , they decided to move to Wisconsin . That’s when he built his famous :Taliesin I.Which will prove itself to be one of his most known and famous project. Unfortunately, a fire took place , and took his entire family with it .After that he decided to leave the United States and moved to Japan where he built the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. In 1921 he returned to the United States and rebuilt the Taliesin on two occasions (versions II and III).

After a time of reflection and more hypothetical methodologies, he got back to the action with works wherein the primary component was reinforced concrete.One of the most notorious works of this period by the creator is the Kaufman House or House of the Waterfall, which adjusts to the faltering of the landscape and expands the inside space outwards in a quest for joining amongst architecture and nature. On account of this work, Frank Lloyd was viewed as the most extreme example of natural design. This had its most extreme articulation in the Taliesin West complex in Phoenix, where he figured out how to unbelievably incorporate every one of the trademark components of his works.

I chose this quote because I think it sums up his work pretty well . As we said earlier a lot of his work was inspired by nature.And most of the time his goal was trying to join nature and architecture.We can see his goal was achieved. And he stands by what he said.