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The Casbah

I’m from Algeria , more specifically Algiers. I recently went back during the holidays.I haven’t been there in to years because of the pandemic.

When I went back , I decided that I wanted to learn more about its architecture.What better way to do that than to go to the Casbah.

The first mentions of the city date back to antiquity, where it was first a Punic, then Berber and finally Roman port.Because of its historic past and the history it bears witness to, it is considered a cultural treasure of world significance.

Algiers’ Casbah appears to be a typical example of old Maghreb cities, which can be found in the western Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite multiple modifications, the urban ensemble that makes up the Casbah keeps its integrity, and the aesthetic traits of Islamic art and the original materials are preserved

The domestic architecture of the Casbah is representative of a traditional human habitat representative of the deeply Mediterranean Muslim culture. The typology is stable between the palace and the residence of the modest craftsman. The house of the casbah appears grouped, terraced, it has only one facade

When I went there there were a lot of people with their houses open for people to visit.There was a man who owned a wood shop, who showed us where Algerian soldiers used to hide during the independence war.There were hidden holes that went really deep.

Here are some pictures I took when I went there.