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U1-What is architecture?

Architecture is a way of expressing something useful and beautiful, as well as a manner of classifying our society. There are a series of key concepts of architecture such as order, composition,landscape, history, identity, monuments, development, technology, eternal, culture,interdisciplinarity.It leads us to consider our world from the perspective of a human, to consider its functioning,to consider our world from the perspective of a society, and how we may enhance our world not just by making it more comfortable, but also by making it more sustainable. It is both a space and a language in and of itself.

Architecture was born completely out of necessity, because we needed it, but if found a way to understand and change itself into something that is more than just that.That’s why we can say that architecture is a technique.It’s different than the arts, sciences, philosophy..

“Architecture is the art of building”  Marcus Vitruvius

“Architecture is the inevitable art, we are in continuous contact with it, we can avoid contemplating paintings, sculpture or any other work of art but architecture. It affects us constantly configures our behaviour and conditions our state of mind” Richard Leland