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U8-Cultural heritage

What’s Heritage? Set of assets acquired by inheritance, that have to do with culture, that are tangible or intangible. It implies cultural identity of the people.

Why preserve cultural heritage?

Preservation is a technique for preventing the loss of cultural identity values. But, when faced with whatever action we take as architects, we must also consider the worth of the good on which we are intervening before deciding on the form of intervention.

What should be preserved?

We must also protect the physical architectural heritage’s values. (Let the structure demonstrate and explain its values.

How to preserve?

Legislative instruments -> 1.To protect, 2.Inventory, 3.Cataloguing

preservation:Operations must be conducted on the good in order to ensure its survival against risks or potential damages.

Maintenance = An operation designed to prolong and maintain as long as possible the materials from which the object is made.

Consolidation = It is a particular way of preserving, and it is possible thanks to a gradual strengthening.

Renovation: Improvements in legibility without affecting the documentaty nature of the document have to do with aesthetics.

Repairing :a thing that has been broken or deteriorated is restoring it to its original state.

Adaptation = Enable or return something to its old state of efficiency or functionality.

Reconstruction = A procedure of integral or partial reconstruction of the building, with an exceptional character that has been carried out in specific historical circumstances and as a consequence of traumatic events.

Anastilosis = A technique whereby a reined building is rebuilt using original architectural elements.

Restoration = A direct intervention on the monument with the goal of restoring or improving the legibility that has deteriorated through time.