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U2-The current architect

An architect is one capable of taking a space and transforming it, thus managing to cover a human need and at the same time expressing their ideas and feelings.

There are some essential skills to take into considerations before thinking of becoming one:

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-Learn how to think:Know how to communicate our thoughts and where to look for the language and tools to help us interpret them .Be critical, suspicious, and inquisitive.Think in groups, share your ideas, and keep in touch with your coworkers.

-Learning to see:Analyzing what surrounds us, search though what we look to know how to turn it into thought, analyze, draw, travel to acquire new points of view, photograph, read …

-Learning to create:You must first understand the laws that have been established throughout the history of building, from antiquity to the present.In addition to being well-versed in all types of approaches (modern and traditional).Look for technical solutions to our concepts.And of course understand the user’s needs